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Injured on the clock in Alexandria? You may be due Workers’ Comp for your losses. Reach out to your Workers’ Comp lawyer for guidance on your claim.

One moment, you’re just doing your job, like always. The next, you’re hurt, you’re unable to work, and your employer doesn’t want to pay. So now what are your options?

Luckily, you can still seek out Workers’ Comp benefits with the help of a lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law. Your Alexandria Workers’ Comp lawyer can help you get fairly compensated when you’re hurt.

Eligibility for Alexandria Workers

When you’re hurt on an Alexandria worksite, you may be eligible for benefits. Unfortunately, not all workers are so confident that they’re eligible for benefits. You may be a part-time worker, for example, or maybe you work for a small company. Fortunately, neither of these things keep you from getting coverage.

In Virginia, employers are required to carry Workers’ Comp insurance if they employ two or more workers. If your boss refuses to offer coverage for your accident, your Workers’ Comp lawyer can help you seek compensation. Your lawyer can also help if you’re unfairly classified as an independent contractor, so reach out for help before your claim goes to court.

What Benefits Am I Due After an Alexandria Work Accident?

Your work accident may have left you unable to do your job in the capacity you once did without a problem. Even if you’re able to work at all, you may need financial assistance to recover from your injuries. Your Workers’ Comp benefits should cover the costs of your injuries, as well as expenses related to your injuries and disability.

Below are some of the benefits you may be eligible for after a work accident:

  • Medical care
  • Wage replacement
  • Death benefits

The Workers’ Comp Claim Process

After a work accident, your first step is to seek medical care. Your injuries may worsen if not treated right away. You could face permanent damage or death without medical care. You’ll also need to notify your Alexandria employer that you’re hurt and need Workers’ Comp benefits.

Once you’ve gotten that care and notified your employer, you just need to wait for the insurance company to review your claim. If you’re approved, your Workers’ Comp benefits should be paid shortly after, so you can focus on your health.

If you’re denied, you may still be eligible for benefits. Your Workers’ Comp lawyer can review the reason for your denial, gather evidence for your claim, and represent you in your hearing to appeal the denial before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Speak with a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Alexandria

When you’re hurt in an Alexandria, Virginia, work accident, getting benefits to help you recover is vital. But you may not have the tools or energy to face a Workers’ Comp claim. That’s where a lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law can help. Your Alexandria Workers’ Comp lawyer can fight for you, from your free consultation to the final decision. Call 804-505-1633 or complete the following online contact form to learn more.

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