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About Pathfinder Injury Law

PATHFINDER INJURY LAW is a Worker’s Compensation law firm nestled in the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, exclusively representing people who get injured in their workplaces. By focusing on one area of legal practice, we’ve become intimately familiar with this niche and complex area of law.

Our practice is made up of professionals with many years of industry experience, coming together to establish a family-owned firm. We understand that the Worker’s Compensation process can be very complex, frustrating, and intimidating. With Pathfinder, clients can expect highly efficient representation and great results in a modernized, approachable setting—unlike the typical perception that law firms are intimidating, impersonal, and rigid.

We believe in a new way of serving our clients, so Pathfinder is dedicated to offering a genuine and up to date type of law firm to achieve excellent results. At Pathfinder Injury Law we look at our clients as people, not accounts. We’ll always keep open communication with you to provide ongoing guidance and support.

Our Vision

Is to be the leading modern Workers’ Compensation law firm, helping clients through the Workers’ Comp process with genuineness, skill, and commitment.

Why Choose Us?

We bring a fighting spirit and a calming presence for our clients.

Let’s be perfectly honest: There are tons of Workers’ Compensation law firms in Virginia, and many of them would like to take your case. Out of all those options, why choose Pathfinder?

The other guys serve up a fancy suit-and-tie image that we simply don’t have. That’s fine. We’re betting that the workers of Virginia would prefer a little less stuffiness and a little more honesty.

How’s this for honesty? You probably won’t see us wearing a suit until we’re in the courtroom. We prefer to skip the fluff and focus on what matters. Your case matters. You matter.

We don’t take cases. We serve people.

You’ll never be just a number with Pathfinder Injury Law. You’re a person, and we’ll treat you like one. That means your case will be our case. Our top priority is your well-being—financial and emotional.

We’re family-owned and operated.

We’re a husband-and-wife team that founded our boutique Virginia law firm to serve families like yours and ours. When you reach out to us, we want you to feel like you’re reaching out to family.

We’re local.

Our founder, Bryn Swartz, was born and raised in Richmond. He went to Randolph-Macon College in Ashland and the University of Richmond School of Law. Our firm is in Glen Allen, and we take cases across the state.

We’re experienced.

Our founding attorney has more than nine years of experience and has handled hundreds of Virginia Workers’ Compensation claims. We love putting our experience to use for injured workers in need.

We’re focused.

A lot of Virginia law firms take all kinds of cases. Not us. We are hyper-focused on Workers’ Compensation cases in Virginia. We know the ins and outs of this complex area of the law. We know how to win.

Areas Served

Pathfinder Injury Law takes clients from all corners of the state of Virginia.

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