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After a Suffolk work accident, you may have trouble getting the benefits you’re due for your injuries. Luckily, your Workers’ Comp lawyer can help you recover from the injuries you’ve suffered.

A day at work can turn into a disaster in an instant. You may have been seriously injured in an accident, and now, you and your family are struggling to recover from the aftermath. You may already be feeling the financial pressure of your situation.

Luckily, a Suffolk Workers’ Comp lawyer can help. If you’re lost in the middle of your Workers’ Comp claim, a lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law wants to help you get compensated fairly for your losses.

Am I Eligible for a Suffolk Workers’ Comp Claim?

Your Suffolk work accident may have left you severely injured, but sadly, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically eligible for Workers’ Comp. You may be concerned that your employer will deny your claim, leaving you to cover the losses you’ve suffered in the accident.

Luckily, most Virginia workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation. That’s true even if you’re a part-time worker or work for a small company. If your employer has more than two workers, they will typically be required to cover the costs of your injuries. Even independent contractors may be classified as employees in some cases, so speak with your Workers’ Comp lawyer if you’re worried about your eligibility.

That makes it easier to get the help you need after a work accident. You don’t have to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, and you don’t have to accept the losses, either. You can file a claim for your Workers’ Comp benefits and focus on your health.

Benefits for Injured Suffolk Workers

Your Suffolk Workers’ Comp benefits are key to recovering from your work accident. These benefits should cover the losses you’ve suffered for your injuries, even long-term losses that may not be fixed in a few trips to the doctor.

Because of this, you need to know what your claim is worth. If you don’t seek a Workers’ Comp lawyer, it’s easy to accept a settlement offer that doesn’t cover all your needs.

For example, you need to ensure your Workers’ Comp will cover all your medical expenses after a work accident. That’s not just for your medical bills, either. You may need vocational rehabilitation, a prosthesis, or coverage for your travel expenses. Your Workers’ Comp should cover it all.

Your Workers’ Comp benefits should also cover a portion of your missed wages. You still need an income to pay your bills and cover your expenses, and your lawyer can work to help you get it. Your benefits may cover up to two-thirds of the income you received before the accident.

Connect with a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Suffolk, Virginia

When you’re hurt in a Suffolk work accident, your financial recovery isn’t always easy. You may have some trouble proving you were injured, and your employer’s insurance company may have already denied you your Workers’ Comp.

Luckily, a lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law can help in these situations. Your Suffolk Workers’ Comp lawyer can help you fight for and even appeal your claim. To take advantage of our free consultations with a lawyer, call 804-505-0633 or complete the online contact form below.

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