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If you were hurt in a Hampton work accident, you may be eligible for Workers’ Comp benefits. Luckily, your Workers’ Comp lawyer is waiting for your call.

One moment, you’re doing your job, just like you do every other day. Then, something happened, and you were left injured in the aftermath. Now, your employer may have claimed you’re not eligible for Workers’ Comp benefits.

You still have an opportunity to seek your Workers’ Comp benefits, but you may need some guidance. A lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law can give you that support. If you’re struggling to get your benefits as an injured worker, reach out to your Hampton Workers’ Comp lawyer for aid.

Workers’ Comp Benefits for Hampton Workers

Here’s the good news about your Hampton work accident—you may be due Workers’ Comp benefits for the injuries you’ve suffered at work. These benefits should cover the losses you’ve suffered that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t been injured at work.

For example, you shouldn’t have to pay for the medical care you need. That’s not just your initial medical treatment, either. You may also be due funds for the costs of your traveling, as well as any specialists you need to see during your treatment.

You may also need funds that replace your lost wages. Hampton workers may be eligible for disability benefits that cover their needs after a loss. The amount and length of time you’ll receive benefits depend on the type of injuries you’ve suffered and whether you’re able to work in any capacity.

For example, you may have suffered an injury impacting your entire body, like a severe head injury. In these cases, you may have a different disability benefits settlement than someone who lost use of their arm. But in any case, your Workers’ Comp lawyer could help your claim succeed.

What if My Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

When you were hurt in a Hampton work accident, you may at least have been relieved to think your Workers’ Comp benefits would arrive soon. Then, you received a denial letter in the mail.

When this happens, you’re not out of options. Your Virginia Workers’ Comp provider must give you a reason for the denial, which may be your first step toward your benefits. Once you know why you were denied, you and your Workers’ Comp lawyer can gather stronger evidence that you were injured and are due compensation.

If the insurance company still refuses to settle with you, your Workers’ Comp lawyer is prepared to take your claim to a hearing with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. They’ll hear your claim and approve or deny your appeal.

Call a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Hampton, Virginia

After you’re hurt in a work accident, you may have trouble getting the benefits you’re due as an injured Hampton worker. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with your work injury alone. Your lawyer from Pathfinder Injury Law can guide you to the benefits you need, starting your journey to Workers’ Comp benefits with a free consultation. Work with a Hampton Workers’ Comp lawyer by calling 804-505-0633 or by completing the online contact form below.

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