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An accident at work can have devastating consequences—but benefits could be available to you. Let a Workers’ Comp lawyer in Hanover country review your case.

When you’ve been injured on the job, you know that taking action is the only way to protect your rights. A Hanover County Workers’ Comp lawyer can help fight for the compensation you need.

What Are Some Causes of Workplace Accidents in Hanover County?

Contrary to popular belief, workplace accidents can occur in any industry, or at any type of job. Some examples include:

  • A grocery store shelf stocker slips on a wet floor and breaks a bone
  • A construction worker’s foot is crushed by a falling pallet of bricks
  • An airport runway worker accidentally loses their hearing due to a freak accident

Workplace accidents aren’t always caused by the negligence of a fellow colleague or a person’s employer; sometimes, accidents just happen. In this sense, Workers’ Compensation is a benefit to both employee and employer.

An injured employee won’t be required to prove that someone else is at fault in order to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. They just need to prove that the accident happened at work, was work related, and was sudden. Similarly, the Workers’ Compensation system also insulates employers from the negative impact of a costly personal injury lawsuit.

That being said, Workers’ Compensation doesn’t always work how it should. Sadly, many of the insurance companies offering Workers’ Compensation benefits are motivated more strongly by the desire to protect their own profit margins than to help direct benefits into the hands of workers that most deserve them.

That’s why many injured workers feel compelled to retain the services of an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer in Hanover County to handle their case for them.

Steps to Follow If You’ve Been Injured at Work in Hanover County

When you’re injured at work, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, discombobulated, or just confused. If you haven’t lost consciousness, these are the steps you’ll want to take in the aftermath of your Hanover County workplace accident:

  • Check to Make Sure You’re OK – Even injuries that appear minor can have an impact. If you’re bleeding, feel lightheaded, or have a broken bone, you may need immediate medical attention.
  • Document Your Injuries and Surroundings – Take pictures of everything—it helps lend credibility to your claim.
  • Notify Your Employer of Your Injuries – If you’ve been taken immediately to the hospital, odds are good that your supervisor is already aware. Regardless, failing to notify your employer of your injuries within thirty days of the accident could disqualify you from receiving any Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Contact a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Hanover County

You’ve been injured at work—you need an aggressive, empathetic lawyer who’s familiar with the laws surrounding Workers’ Compensation to give your claim a leg up. At Pathfinder Injury Law, we’re dedicated to standing up for injured workers, and can help you with your case, too.

Call 804-505-1633 if you’re ready to schedule a free, no-hassle case review with a Hanover County Workers’ Comp lawyer from Pathfinder Injury Law.

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