How to Win Your Virginia Workers’ Comp Case

A work accident can leave you struggling with debts, a lack of income, and strain on your family. When this happens, you need to get compensated fairly and get your Virginia Workers’ Comp benefits. The insurance company may not be so willing to help you do that.

But don’t worry, Pathfinder Injury Law can guide you. They know how to win a Virginia Workers’ Comp case, and they can share those needed tools with you. Continue reading to learn more about how to win a Virginia Workers’ Comp case.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you’ve been injured on the job, your first step is to seek medical care. Yes, you need it, even if you feel fine—you may not notice a serious injury until it’s worsened, and the insurance company may doubt your claim if you don’t act immediately.

You’ll also need to seek medical attention from your employer’s chosen doctor. They get to choose the doctors they cover, so you’ll need to turn to them for your medical care.

File a Virginia Workers’ Comp Case on Time

It can be tough to file a Workers’ Comp claim on time when you’re hurt. You may be stuck in the hospital for days or weeks, recovering from your injuries. But to make your claim successful, it’s important to file as soon as possible.

You have only two years to file a claim, but acting now can protect your claim and help you get your benefits sooner. That means less time worrying about how you’ll feed your family, and more time focusing on your health.

Gather Evidence

If the insurance company has any doubts about your claim, you may be denied Workers’ Comp benefits at first. But don’t panic—you’re not out of options to get compensated for your work injuries. Your Workers’ Comp lawyer in Virginia can gather evidence that supports your claim.

For example, your work-related vision loss may be keeping you from returning to work, but the Workers’ Comp insurance company claims otherwise. Your lawyer can help compile doctor’s reports and expert medical testimony to prove your claim.

Connect with a Virginia Work Comp Lawyer

When you’re hurt in a work accident, getting your Virginia Workers’ Comp settlement can be difficult, but you can make it easier with a lawyer from Pathfinder Injury Law. We can show you how to win a Virginia Workers’ Comp case, starting with a free consultation. Call 804-505-0633 or fill out the online contact form below to get started.

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