Average Workers’ Comp Settlement in Virginia

When you’re hurt in a work accident, you need funds that meet your needs for your recovery. Those funds should come from your Workers’ Comp settlement, but what should you realistically expect?

At Pathfinder Injury Law, we can help you determine what you’re due after a work accident. If the average Workers’ Comp settlement in Virginia isn’t enough for you to recover, we’ll seek a settlement that covers all your needs following your accident.

Your Workers’ Comp Settlement Depends on Your Injuries

Every work accident is different, and so every Virginia work compensation settlement is different. Because of this, you may have a little trouble settling your claim.

Luckily, your Workers’ Comp lawyer in Virginia can step in and help you calculate your losses and needs. For example, how do you calculate the value of your vision loss after a work injury damages your eyes? Your lawyer has the tools to calculate the percentage of loss you’ve suffered and the benefits you should receive for it.

Getting the Most from Your Virginia Workers’ Comp

Because your Workers’ Comp settlement can be so complex, you may need a work compensation lawyer to help determine what benefits you should receive. In Virginia, you can receive partial or total disability benefits, for example, which impact the funds you’ll receive.

These disability benefits depend on the severity of your injury and whether you’re able to work in any capacity. If you’re able to work, but you can’t do your old job, you may be put in a less-strenuous position. In these cases, you may be eligible for partial disability benefits, which cover some of the difference between your current and former wages. Talk to your lawyer about what benefits you’re due.

Maximize Your Workers’ Comp Settlement in Virginia

A serious work accident can leave you unable to work as you once did and in need of funds for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, you may be worried that you won’t even receive the average Workers’ Comp settlement in Virginia, let alone the full amount you need.

Pathfinder Injury Law can help. If you’re struggling with a Workers’ Comp claim, your lawyer can maximize the compensation you may receive for your losses. Take advantage of our free consultations by calling (804) 505-0633 or by completing the online contact form below.

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