Does Virginia Workers’ Comp Pay for Lost Wages?

After a serious work injury in Virginia, you may be directed to your Workers’ Comp benefits to recover from your injuries. You can’t cover your bills and needs without your wages, so it’s vital that you get coverage.

But does Virginia Workers’ Comp pay for lost wages? If you’re worried about losing your wages, reach out to Pathfinder Injury Law. We can help you seek out the coverage you need from your Workers’ Comp provider.

Your Virginia Wage Replacement Benefits

When you’re hurt on the job in Virginia, you may be due benefits that cover your losses for a work accident. You may expect coverage for your medical bills, from specialist care to travel costs. But what about your wages?

Your disability benefits should cover a portion of the wages you would have originally received. Although you won’t receive your full paycheck, these funds can help keep you and your family supported and fed while you heal from your injuries.

How Much Will My Virginia Workers’ Comp Settlement Pay?

The funds you receive for your Workers’ Comp settlement depends on your original wages and the severity of your injuries. For example, if you’re unable to work in any capacity, you may be eligible for total disability benefits. These benefits cover two-thirds of your lost wages while you’re unable to work.

But let’s say you injured your back at work. You may be unable to perform all your usual tasks at work, but you’re able to work to some degree. In these cases, you may receive wages for the work you’re able to do, as well as a portion of the difference between your current and former wages. Your Workers’ Comp lawyer can dive into the details of your Workers’ Comp payments to ensure you receive a fair amount.

Get a Fair Virginia Workers’ Comp Settlement for Your Lost Wages

When you’re hurt in a serious Virginia work accident, you may worry about your Workers’ Comp paying for lost wages. You need funds for more than your injuries, after all.

Luckily, Pathfinder Injury Law is here to help. We have the tools you need to prove you’re due Workers’ Comp for your lost wages. If you’re having trouble getting your Workers’ Comp benefits, reach out for a free consultation by calling (804) 505-0633 or by completing the following online contact form.

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