How Is Workers’ Comp Benefits Calculated in Virginia?

After a serious work accident, you may need Workers’ Comp to cover your expenses. But how is Workers’ Comp calculated in Virginia? That can be tough to answer without the right tools.

Luckily, Pathfinder Injury Law has what you need to calculate your Workers’ Comp benefits. If you’re not sure what your claim is worth, talk to your lawyer about your benefits and the other details you may need below.

Your Capacity to Work

First, the Workers’ Comp you receive will depend on whether you’re able to work at all. For example, you may have broken your leg in a Virginia work accident. You may be unable to perform all the necessary duties for your original job. But you can sit at a desk, making you able to do some work after all.

In these cases, you may receive both a paycheck and benefits that cover a portion of the difference between that paycheck and your original income. If you’re unable to work at all, your benefits will be decided based on your original wages only.

How Long You’re Unable to Work

Sometimes, your injuries will only take a few weeks or months to clear up or heal. For example, you may have a burn injury from your work accident, but it may not leave lasting damage. In these cases, your Virginia Workers’ Comp benefits will cover you as long as you’re unable to work.

But what if your injuries are so severe you’re permanently injured and unable to work? In these situations, you may receive permanent disability. You’ll receive a portion of your former wages until you’ve reached retirement age in Virginia. After that, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Know Your Claim’s Value with Help from a Virginia Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Injured in a Virginia work accident and unsure how to get compensated for your related losses? Reach out to a dedicated lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law. We have the tools you need to find the value of your potential benefits and get compensated for your injuries. To start with a free consultation, call 804-505-0633 or fill out the online contact form below.

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