How to Prepare for an IME in Virginia

After a work accident, you may be expected to take an independent medical exam, or IME. These appointments help the insurance company gauge your injuries and how seriously you suffered. But that means they may be trying to trip you up, tricking you into showing that you’re not really that injured.

Because of this, you need to know how to prepare for an IME in Virginia. Luckily, our dedicated team at Pathfinder Injury Law has some tips to help you get ready and can represent you at every step of the Workers’ Comp process.

Bring Someone with You

When you schedule an appointment for your IME, you may want to bring someone with you. These exams are supposed to give insurers a clear medical opinion about your health, and it can impact your insurance. It’s easy to get frustrated or confused without a little help.

That’s where your companion can help. They can help you follow the questions, avoid saying the wrong thing, and keep up with anything you need to know about your injuries.

Be Honest

You want the full settlement you need for your work injuries. Because of this, it may be tempting to stretch the truth on how seriously you were injured. We’re here to tell that it won’t help you to downplay your injuries; being honest about your accident is crucial to your rightful Virginia Workers’ Comp benefits.

For example, let’s say you suffered a concussion in your work-related accident. You should point out the confusion, memory loss, and fatigue that make your job difficult. But adding on other symptoms you don’t have may do nothing but hurt your claim.

Bring Your Medical History

Your work injury may not be the only thing affecting your overall health. Other health concerns may also be important to your medical exam. For example, if you have a previous concussion, your injuries may have been worse than they would have been without that preexisting condition.

But it can be tough to remember every surgery, diagnosis, and health condition on the spot. Because of this, you and your Workers’ Comp lawyer in Virginia can review your medical history before your IME to ensure you have all the information you need.

Talk to Your Virginia Work Comp Lawyer Before Your IME

When you’re hurt in a serious Virginia work accident, attending an IME may be part of your Workers’ Comp process. But you may be worried and unsure how to prepare for an IME in Virginia. A mistake could leave you will a denial.

The lawyers at Pathfinder Injury Law can help you deal with your IME appointment, starting with a free consultation about it. To work with our lawyers, call (804) 505-0633 or complete the online contact form below.

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