If I Get Injured at Work in Virginia, Do I Get Paid?

After a serious work injury, working may be out of the question. When you’re injured at work in Virginia, you need to get paid, but you can’t get your usual paycheck. So how do you pay for your needs after an accident?

Your lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law has the tools you need to get paid after a work injury. We can guide you to the benefits you need when you’re struggling to overcome your work injuries.

Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

If you’re injured at work in Virginia, you may be due benefits for your injury. Your employer is responsible for any injuries that happen while you’re on the clock as an employee. Because of this, many of your losses should be covered by your Workers’ Compensation.

For example, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your healthcare related to the work injury. Your employer should cover any expenses necessary to help you recover, from your first hospital visit to specialist care.

Your benefits should also cover the wages you’ve lost because you’re unable to work. Your Workers’ Comp lawyer can review the details of your benefits and what funds you could receive because of your injury.

Virginia’s Worker Comp Claim Process

Getting Workers’ Comp coverage isn’t always easy. You need to take the right steps to protect your claim and get the funds you’re due.

For example, you’ll first need to act fast and report your injury as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you could lose your right to Workers’ Comp benefits. Once you report your Virginia work accident, your employer must contact the insurance company about coverage and your benefits.

The insurance adjuster will then review your accident and determine what benefits you’re due. Then, you’ll get a notification approving or denying those benefits. If you’re denied, don’t panic. Your lawyer can step in and appeal your claim, potentially helping you get the Workers’ Comp benefits you’re due.

Speak with a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Virginia

After a work-related accident, you need help recovering from your injuries. But if you get injured at work in Virginia, how do you get paid? You have a chance to get paid with help from Pathfinder Injury Law. If you’re hurt and need Workers’ Comp benefits, reach out to a lawyer by calling 804-505-0633 or by completing the online contact form below.

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