What Happens if Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

If you’ve been hurt on the job, your Workers’ Compensation benefits may be a key part of your recovery. But your employer may not act to help you recover. Instead, your employer may deny you the benefits you’re due, leaving you with hefty bills and difficulties recovering from your injuries while working.

If you were denied a claim, your Virginia Workers’ Comp lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law can help. We understand that getting your benefits can be tough, so seek out help when you’re struggling to recover.

Why Was My Claim Denied?

Before you take your claim to a Virginia court to get answers, your first step is determining why your claim was denied. Your denial letter should include a reason for the denial, but you may need to turn to a lawyer to get answers about what it means or what your next steps should be.

Typically, a denial depends on the details of your accident. For example, you may not have had many witnesses who saw the accident. The insurance company may use this lack of evidence against you. Even if others did see your accident, you may be denied in other cases if you didn’t file on time. Injured workers are expected to file within thirty days of the accident.

While individual Workers’ Comp cases vary, your lawyer can be a constant source of aid and guidance. Your lawyer can gather evidence supporting your claim and seek compensation on your behalf.

Steps to Getting Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

Once you know why you were denied, your Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you take the next steps toward your Workers’ Comp benefits.

First, your lawyer can help you gather evidence that you’re due Workers’ Comp benefits. This evidence can prove you were injured at all, you were actually injured on the job, and you’re unable to work until you’ve healed. Your benefits should cover wage replacement, medical bill costs, and death benefits (if a loved one was killed in a work accident).

But the insurance company may continue denying you the benefits you’re due for the severe injuries you suffered. If they refuse to settle with you, you may need to take your claim to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. Your claim will be heard by a commissioner, who will determine whether you’re due benefits. Your lawyer will help you prepare for your work comp hearing.

Speak with a Lawyer About Your Workers’ Comp Denial

A work injury can make it difficult or even impossible to work, but your employer may not take the right steps to support you during this difficult time. That can leave you paying out of pocket for expenses you shouldn’t have to worry about.

That’s where a Workers’ Comp lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law can help. If you’ve been injured in a work-related accident and you’ve been denied compensation, we’re here to help. We can guide you to the settlement you’re due when you seek out a free consultation. Call 804-505-0633 or fill out the online contact form below to learn more.

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